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Most recently added profiles

Carsten WERGIN
Assistant Professor, Transcultural Studies at Ruprecht-Karls-University Heidelberg, Germany

Administrative areas: Australia, Western Australia (Australia)
Places: Australia (country), Western Australia
Keywords: Anthropological Field Records, Anthropological Fieldwork, Anthropology, Anthropology of Knoweldge, Anthropology of Ontology, Anthropology Of Sciences, Anthropology of Tourism, Anti-colonial, Applied Anthropology, Applied Ethnomusicology

Jerry Keith JACKA
Assistant Professor, Anthropology at University of Colorado Boulder, United States

Administrative areas: Papua New Guinea
Keywords: Development, Environmental Anthropology, Climate Change

, Bergen Pacific Studies; ECOPAS at University of Bergen, Norway

Administrative areas: Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea
Places: Melanesia
Keywords: Anthropology, Anthropology of Knoweldge, Anthropology of Ontology, Development Studies, Gender Based Violence, Gender, Globalization, Indigenous Knowledge, Kastom, Pacific Studies

Recently updated profiles

Associate Professor, Culture e Civiltà (CuCi) at Università degli Studi di Verona, Italy

Administrative areas: New Caledonia, iles Loyaute (New Caledonia)
Places: Melanesia
Keywords: Cultural Heritage, Cultural Transformation, Textiles, Christianisation, Colonial Discourse, Agency

Postdoctoral Fellow, Social and Cultural Anthropology (Department of Social Research) at University of Helsinki, Finland

Administrative areas: Kiribati, Guam, Palau
Places: Micronesia
Keywords: Social Organization, Dance, Custom, Kinship, Narratives, Social Differentiation, Language Ideology, Migration, Resilience, Colonial Discourse

Senior Lecturer at University of Melbourne, Australia

Administrative areas: Cook Islands, Samoa
Places: Polynesia
Keywords: Gender, Body, Class, Dance, Development, Diasporas, Economic Anthropology, Emotions, Ethics, Feminism

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