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Diane   Colman

School of Humanities and Communication Arts
Western Sydney University (Australia)

Diane Colman is a lecturer in international relations and global politics. Her research interests have focused on the Asia-Pacific and include East Timor's struggle with Australia for sovereignty over its seabed and consequent control over the substantial oil and gas resources required for its development. This concern with development has led into research on the developmental state, beginning with the model set by Japan and then concentrating on the successful example of South Korea's economic miracle, from a country devastated by war and partition to one of Asia's economic tigers. Examination of this examplar of a manufacturing doctrine of capitalist development to the real and pressing problems of developing states in the region has progressed Diane's research into its application for rural development and an interest in further advancing the role of the state in intentional development strategies to mitigate the impacts of the spontaneous development of global capitalism. An in depth interest in Papua New Guinea has ensued. More recently, Diane has become interested in researching the intersection between popular culture and global politics, including fashion, film and music. Diane is currently researching the global politics inherent in Netflix Original Films.
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