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Carol Elizabeth   Mayer

Art History
Member of
European Society for Oceanists (ESfO)
Pacific Arts Association (PAA)
Geographic administrative areas
Geographic places
Australia (area)
Historical periods
The Colonial time
Lapita and the Austronesian expansion
First and Early contacts
20th century
21st century
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  • Collaborative Project (2006 to 2013)
    Reconciliation ceremony on Erromango, Vanuatu — University of British Columbia and the Erromango Cultural Association
    An experience that spanned 7 years began with a donation of
    5 objects collected by the Reverend John williams who was murdered on the shores of Erromango in 1839. As the curator responsible for the Pacific my research on the collection and the life and death of John Williamslead to discussions with cultural leaders in Vanuatu and descendants of John williams currently living in Canada, UK and S.Africa. After much negotiation the Church leaders in Vanuatu invited the Williams' family to come to the island of Erromango where Williams was murdered to participate, alongside the descendants of the clan responsible for Williams' death, to participate in a reconciliation ceremony. I worked closely with the Erromango Cultural Association who recorded that the 7 year project "included a historic reconciliation ceremony on the island of Erromango (Vanuatu), the publication of a book, and contributed to the Erromango Cultural Association’s mission to progress the documentation, preservation and promotion of Erromangan history, custom and culture, a particularly fragile Melanesian culture due to a long history of cultural decimation since the 1820s. 1,500 copies of “No Longer Captives of the Past: A reconciliation on Erromango” were printed in English and French languages, and 700 were distributed across Vanuatu, the Pacific and Canada. This publication captures the various memories of Erromangans and the descendants of Rev. John Williams of the hallmark 2009 reconciliation event between the two families of the murderers and the missionary. The ECA will continue to distribute the books across Vanuatu, the region and Canada, as well as make online purchases available via web publishers such as" This collaboration is ongoing and I am currently working with the Vanuatu Cultural centre on sharing our collections. As well, there is the question of whether an event will be organised in 2019 - the 10th anniversary of the reconciliation ceremony.
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