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Milne Bay

(Papua New Guinea)

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Expertise (alphabetical order)

Andrew James CONNELLY
PhD Student, Pacific and Asian History at Australian National University, Australia

Melissa DEMIAN
Senior Lecturer, Department of Social Anthropology at University of St Andrews, United Kingdom

Keywords: Colonial Discourse, Development, Engaged Anthropology, Justice, Law and Culture

Jordan HAUG
PhD Student, Anthropology Department at University of California San Diego, United States

Keywords: Mining and its Discontents, Mining, Morality, Christianity, Political Anthropology, Myth, Leadership, Inequality, Egalitarianism, Epistemology

Curator, Pacific Arts at National Gallery of Australia, Australia

, Institue of Ethnology at Westfälische-Wilhelms-Universität Münster, Germany

Keywords: Tourism, Kinship, Relatedness, Urban Identity, Cosmology, Perception, Anthropology of Ontology, Knowledge, Law and Culture, Spirituality

Contractual researcher, Institue of Ethnology at Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany

Keywords: Kinship, Social Change, Ritual, Exchanges, Social Organization, Land Tenure, Gender, Life-cycle Exchanges, Plant Domestication, Social-ecological System

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