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Andrea   Eimke

PhD Student
AUT Auckland University of Technology (New Zealand)

Art History
Geographic administrative areas
Geographic places
Historical periods
The Colonial time
20th century
21st century
Ancestral Oceania
  • Masters Research (2008 to 2010)
    [Liminal Space] - An investigation of material and immaterial boundaries and their space in between — AUT Auckland University of Technology
    This visual arts project investigates notions of liminality and hybridity regarding the ambiguity of the interstitial position of the migrant. An examination of the migrant's perspective and perception of cultural identity and the sense of home and belonging also underpins these studies. The project examines how the space between two cultures is experienced, and explores ways in which this might be visually expressed through the construction of fibre and textile art works. The researcher's personal experience, as a German national now resident in the Cook Islands, provides the basis for reflections on cultural liminality and the ambivalence of feelings towards inclusion and exclusion. Material elements from European and Polynesian cultures such as cloth, fibres, and thread, and non-material elements like concepts and rituals are investigated for their potential to transcend the boundaries of their original culture to reveal the liminal space as source of energy and change.

    Cloth, fibres, tapa, lace, liminality, identity, space,
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