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Alice   Servy

Associate Professor
SAGE Sociétés, Acteurs, Gouvernement en Europe
University of Strasbourg (France)
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My research in Oceania sheds light on the production and transformation of health and gender-related discourses and practices. Having previously focused on the prevention of sexually transmitted infections and on interpersonal violence in Vanuatu, I am currently working on inter-island and international medical evacuations of people diagnosed with cancer in French Polynesia.
Member of
European Society for Oceanists (ESfO)
e-toile Pacifique (e-toile)
Geographic administrative areas
Geographic places
Historical periods
21st century
Indigenous languages
English, French, Bislama, Namakura
  • PhD Research (2010 to 2017)
    « AIDS IS HERE! » Preventing sexually transmitted infections in Port-Vila, Vanuatu — EHESS-CREDO
    This thesis presents an analysis of the relations between the global and local forces at work in the context of the prevention of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) in Vanuatu. I noted that, in the archipelago, the number of actors and actions in the field of sexual and reproductive health was relatively large considering the small number of cases of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) declared by the government and that Vanuatu had health problems impacting its population’s morbidity and mortality more severely that STI’s. I therefore became interested in the effects of contemporary globalization which might explain this discrepancy. My analysis is based on data collected between 2009 and 2012 during eighteen months’ fieldwork research in the archipelago (mainly in the capital, Port-Vila), as well as on two consultancy missions for the United Nations in 2012 and 2013. My work establishes that the organizations working in sexual and reproductive health in Port-Vila endeavour to transmit internationally recognized and acknowledged norms, categories and concepts. It also reveals that these bodies propose new hierarchies of values and representations of personhood different from those usually presented by the local population and contribute to the spread of discourses associating life in urban environments with STIs. However, the ni-Vanuatu employed by these organizations to run prevention programmes concerning sexual and reproductive health in the capital do considerable work translating these notions, and the inhabitants of Port-Vila, for instance those of Seaside Tongoa, encounter a profusion of sources of knowledge which affect how they think and act with regard to these questions differently.
  • Consulting Work (2012)
    Vanuatu MDG Acceleration Framework, Improving access to reproductive health services — UNDP
    Under the guidance and supervision of the Director for Public Health within the Ministry of Health National MDG taskforce, MDG Project Manager within the Ministry of Finance and Planning, the UNDP Programme Analyst in Vanuatu, the MDG Programme Analyst at the UNDP Country Office in Fiji and the Policy Specialist, Bureau of Development Policy in New York, I led the development of the (1) Concept note for the MAF process, (2) MAF analysis to inform and provide the evidence for the MAF Country Action Plan and the (3) Country Action Plan for the priority off-track MDG target: improving reproductive health with emphasis on reducing the adolescent birth especially in rural area and reducing the unmet need for family planning in the MDG Acceleration Framework document ( The action plan was draw upon a bottleneck assessment for the identified MDG target (as described in the MAF).
  • Consulting Work (2013)
    Strategic Analysis to Improve Distribution and Uptake of Condoms in Vanuatu, Solomon Islands and Kiribati — UNFPA
    The Objectives of the Condom Strategic Analysis were to:
    1.Assess popularity, desirability and usefulness of currently available UNFPA-provided condoms and lubricants and recommend any changes in products (e.g. type, smell/taste, size);
    2.Map and assess effectiveness of current distribution, access and uptake strategies for male and female condoms and lubricant in Vanuatu, Solomon Islands and Kiribati; and
    3.Provide strategic analysis including recommendations and innovative approaches for the targeted groups (young people in rural and urban settings, sex workers, men who have sex with men, transgender, seafarers), on how to improve distribution, access and uptake of male and female condoms and lubricants in Vanuatu, Solomon Islands and Kiribati.
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