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Peter   Nuttall

Senior Research Fellow
School of Marine Studies
University of the South Pacific (Fiji)

Peter Roger Nuttall

holds a PhD in development studies from Victoria University of Wellington and a M.Soc.Sci in Geography/Resource Environmental Planning from Waikato University. He has worked extensively in New Zealand and the Pacific for more than two decades as a researcher and consultant in sustainability policy and planning fields. His specialty research field is low carbon sea transport transition for Pacific Small Island Developing States.

Dr Nuttall is currently senior research fellow at the University of the South Pacific’s School of Marine Studies where he teaches the undergraduate papers he has developed in Maritime Transport and Port Logistics. He is currently building a post–graduate programme for USP in this field and supervises PhD students in collaboration with the University College London’s Energy Institute and Hochschule Emden/Leer in Germany. This is a new field of teaching and research for USP and since 2012 Dr Nuttall has been a Research Fellow with the Pacific Centre for Environment and Sustainable Development (PaCE-SD) where he has led a small inter-disciplinary team from Economics, Marine Studies and Development Studies evaluating more sustainable and energy efficient transport solutions for Pacific Small Island Developing States.
Environmental sciences
Geographic administrative areas
Geographic places
Historical periods
Lapita and the Austronesian expansion
Ancestral Oceania
The Colonial time
20th century
21st century
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