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John Joseph   McCaffery

Research Fellow
Faculty of Education, University of Auckland
Uniservices Consultancy Ltd (New Zealand)

Education sciences
Member of
Maori Association of Social Sciences (MASS)
Pacific History Association (PHA)
Geographic administrative areas
Geographic places
Historical periods
Lapita and the Austronesian expansion
Ancestral Oceania
20th century
21st century
  • Teaching Experiences (1989 to 2015)
    Design , researching, writing and teaching Bilingual Immersion DIP TESSOL papers for the Faculty of Education University of Auckland — Faculty of Education University of Auckland Epsom campus
    Researching, writing,administrating and teaching three graduate Bilingual/Immersion DIP TESSOL papers for the Faculty of Education University of Auckland.
  • Consulting Work (1990 to now)
    Design of bilingual /immersion education programmes for Maori, Pasifika and and Pacific Nations education — University of Auckland / Uniservices Consulting Ltd / Waka Aotearoa Education Ltd
    Pacific Nations Projects include- Samoa WSTC 1991- 1996: Cook Islands 2005- 2008; Kiribati 1996-98; Samoa MoE 2013- 2014 in NZ: AMS as above 2012- Niue projected 2015-

    Aotearoa NZ projects include- Design of the UoA FoE Te Puna Wananga Huarahi Maori Maori Medium Teacher Education programme (Pem Bird;Tony Trinnick)
    Establishment and professional development for Finlayson Park school's O le Ta'iala Samoan Bilingual programme 1995-now
    Many more follow in CV

    Professional development for Richmond Road School's Maori, Samoan Bilingual and French programmes 1999-now
  • Masters Research (1990 to now)
    Masters Thesis Examiner — University of Auckland, Auckland University of Technology; University of Waikato
    Contract examiner for Masters Theses on Maori and Pacific Bilingual/Immersion Education-Prof Stuart McNaughton; Prof Linda Tuhiwai Smith; Prof Tagaloa Peggy Dunlop; : Assoc Prof Sharon Harve;Dr Jenny Lee...
  • Consulting Work (2002 to now)
    Bilingual Advisor Ak Samoan Bilingual Schools Cluster — Principal Shirley Maihi Finlayson Park School
    I am the Bilingual Advisor to the Auckland Samoan Bilingual Schools Cluster involving professional research advice and guidance across six schools in the cluster.
  • Consulting Work (2008 to 2010)
    Keynote Researcher and Presenter -Prospects for Bilingual Education in the French Pacific — University of New Caledonia / Centre de Recherche et de Documentation sur l'Océanie (UMR 7308)
    Tcherkézoff, Serge 20 Octobre 2009. “La collaboration entre la recherche anglophone et la recherche francophone dans le Pacifique”. Conférence inaugurale du Colloque “Etat des lieux de la recherche Anglophone sur les Territoires français du Pacifique” (Agora-2). Nouméa : Institut de la recherche pour le développement.
  • Applied Research (2009 to 2010)
    Design and piloting of a Sandardised Samoan Language Reading Test — Finlayson Park School for Ministry of Education Manukau City South Auckland
    A cooperative team contract to design and pilot a Samoan language version/equivlent of the STAR standardised Reading comprehension test originally developed for the NCER by Prof Warrick Elley (Univ of Canterbury)
  • PhD Research (2010 to now)
    Biliteracy Bilingual Education at Richmond Road School — University of Auckland
    Examines simultaneous biliteracy development in Maori,Samoan and French in three bilingual /immersion units in schooling years 1-6 grades K-6
  • Field Research (2011 to 2013)
    Endangered Pacific Languages Project — Nga Pae o Te Maramatanga: NZ National Indigenous Resaerch Institute Hosted by UoA
    A scoping study into Endangered Pacific Languages in Aotearoa NZ for Nga Pae o Te Maramangatanga's Te Whare Kura Research Initiative- ending 2015. Background research, updates, scoping, individual and focus group intervies with Samoan, Tongan, Cook Is Niue and Tokelau informants.
  • Consulting Work (2012 to now)
    Biliteracy design for American Samoan Ministry of Education bilingual education reforms — Ministry of Education American Samoa
    Research review and best evidence base including the pedagogical design of a simultaneous bilingual biliteracy programm for all elementary school grades from K- upwards including possible secondary extension

    Design and implementation of the administrator and teacher professional development programme.

  • Collaborative Project (2013 to 2015)
    Pasifika New Enterants Literacy Project — Uniservices Ltd for NZ Ministry of Education
    Design and implementation team member of a highly successful on-going dual language and literacy ( biliteracy) resources and PD for a ten school South Auckland pilot Pasifika-( Samoan) NE / Yr 1 beginning school project. Goal was to pilot ideas on how to make beginning literacy instruction for Samoan NE /yr 1 students more successful by designing and using dual language reading and writing materials . Involves also designing and implementing teacher and Samoan parental community PD workshops. NZ MoE has asked us to roll it out for the other four main Pasifika communities in NZ in the coming years. On going-
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