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Expertise (alphabetical order)

Pei-yi GUO
Research Fellow, Institute of Ethnology at Academia Sinica (Taiwan), Taiwan

Keywords: Local Currency, Land Dispute, Law and Culture, Historical Imagination, Landscape, Disaster

Stephanie HOBBIS
Assistant Professor, Sociology of Development and Change Group at Wageningen University, Netherlands

Keywords: State, Political Anthropology, Food and Nutrition, Indigenous/non-Indigenous Relations, Bureaucratization, Christianity, Gender Violence, Digital Technologies, Peace And Conflict, Development

Geoffrey HOBBIS
Assistant Professor, Department of Media Studies and Journalism at University of Groningen, Netherlands

Keywords: Digital Technologies, Material Culture, Technology

Irene Karongo HUNDLEBY
PhD Student, Department of Music at University of Otago, New Zealand

Keywords: Epistemology, Ethics, Indigenous Epistemology, Cultural Heritage, Music, Dance, Song / Dance, Organology

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