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Margaret   Cassidy

PhD Student
School of Creative Arts & Media
University of Tasmania (Australia)

I'm currently a Journalism Ph.D student at the University of Tasmania. My thesis title is: Island Paradises – Australian visual imagery of the South Pacific and South Pacific immigrants in Australian newspapers/print media. It is primarily a photojournalism content analysis in methodology.

I worked at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) for many years, with many years in radio (including Radio Australia) and new media areas. As a passionate photographer, I taught photography skills to our team of language broadcasters working in our then Tok Pisin, French, Indonesian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Khymer and Myanmar services.

With an undergraduate degree in Art History from the University of Western Australia (UWA), I have been using these skills and I'm endeavouring to learn to recognise an indigenous or pacific aesthete in photographs, among other things.
Art History
Member of
Australian Association for Pacific Studies (AAPS)
New Zealand Studies Association (NZSA)
Geographic administrative areas
Geographic places
Australia (area)
Historical periods
21st century
20th century

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