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Barbara Anne ANDERSEN
Lecturer, School of People, Environment and Planning at Massey University, Albany, New Zealand

Keywords: Development, Education, Health, Social Change, Youth, Class, Biomedicine, Health Workers, Housing, Security


Poignant, Axel, 1906-1986 1969 Going to market, Gumine, Chimbu Province, Papua N... [NLA]

Poignant, Axel, 1906-1986 1969 Dai and his grandson Kaleku, Gumine, Chimbu Provi... [NLA]

Meigan, Tom, 1931- 1959 Bob Lean with a Chimbu native at the Goroka Show, 1959 [... [NLA]

[1959] [Kondon-Akau'undo, from Kundiawa, in the Chimbu, Highlands area, New Gui... [NLA]

1933 [Native of Chimbu wearing a head band made out of birds wings, Central New... [NLA]



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