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Anne-Marie   D'Hauteserre

Senior Lecturer
Geography, Tourism and Environmental Planning
University of Waikato (New Zealand)

Member of
e-toile Pacifique (e-toile)
Geographic administrative areas
Geographic places
Historical periods
20th century
21st century
  • Field Research (1999 to now)
    Issues raised for Indigenous people by tourism development — University of Waikato
    This is research that is on-going about how tourism should be developed to bring benefits to the Indigenous people of the South Pacific rather than to overseas investors who have no interest in conservation of nature or culture. I have numerous publications on the topic in both tourism and geography journals in both French and English.
    Keywords: postcolonialism, culture, conservation, sustainability, ecotourism
  • Teaching Experiences (June 2008 to June 2008)
    Seminar on Sustainable Tourism Development — University of New Caledonia and Institute of Agronomic Research, Nouméa
    This seminar was part of a Masters on development sponsored by the Department of Geography and taught about postcolonial sustainable tourism in Kanak areas of New Caledonia to support economic growth; it also discussed how neo-colonial forms of development were detrimental to a 're-balance' of the economy of the country.
    Keywords: postcolonialism, sustainability, Kanak perspectives, neo-colonial issues
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