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Katarina   Matiasek

Department of Evolutionary Anthropology
University of Vienna (Austria)

Katarina Matiasek graduated in Media Arts from the Academy of Applied Arts, Vienna and in Anthropology from the University of Vienna’s Department of Anthropology. She was artist-in-residence at the Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin (1999) and the School of the Art Institute, Chicago (2003). Since 2013, she lectures at the University of Vienna where she also writes an interdisciplinary PhD thesis on stereo photography in anthropology. Her artistic research into the formerly orphaned anthropological university collection has led to a number of repatriation projects, such as the return of Australian ancestral remains to their traditional owners in 2011. She is currently curating a scientific research project for the Photoinstitut Bonartes, Vienna, on the photographic legacy of anthropologist Felix von Luschan (1854–1924).
Recent publications include: K. Matiasek (2017) ‘Rudolf Pöch's "revenants". Photography and atavism in Austro-Hungarian prisoner-of-war studies 1915–18’ in International Forum on Audio-Visual Research 7; B. Andrew and K. Matiasek (2017) ‘Kept in Silence - An Archival Travelogue’ in I. McLean and D. Jorgensen (eds) Indigenous Archives: The Making and Unmaking of Aboriginal Art (Crawley: UWA Publishing); K. Matiasek (2016) ‘A Mutual Space? Stereo Photography on Viennese Anthropological Expeditions 1905–45’ in M. Klemun & U. Spring (eds) Expeditions as Experiments: Practising Observation and Documentation (Basingstoke: Palgrave MacMillan).
Documentation and Archives
Art History
Geographic places
Australia (area)
Historical periods
The Colonial time

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