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Expertise (alphabetical order)

Andrew James CONNELLY
PhD Student, Pacific and Asian History at Australian National University, Australia

Independent researcher, Dipartimento di Scienze Umane per la Formazione at UniversitĂ  di Milano Bicocca, Italy

Keywords: Art, Christianisation, Colonial Discourse, Cosmology, Cultural Heritage, Domestic Space, First Contacts, Identity, History, Life-cycle Exchanges

Anna-Karina HERMKENS
Lecturer, Anthropology at Macquarie University, Australia

Keywords: Art, Mission History, Personhood, Religion, Violence, Gender, Gender Violence, Material Culture, Tapa


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Spencer, Terence E. T [between 1953 and 1978] Looking from northern wall at cont... [NLA]

Spencer, Terence E. T [between 1953 and 1978] The deserted flat plain of the nor... [NLA]

Spencer, Terence E. T [between 1953 and 1978] Looking from the northern wall acr... [NLA]

Rowan, Ellis, 1848-1922 [1916?] Northern silky oak, Cardwellia sublimis, Papua N... [NLA]


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