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Clipperton Island (France)

The World Factbook: Background: :: This isolated atoll was named for John CLIPPERTON, a pirate who was rumored to have made it his hideout early in the 18th century. Annexed by France in 1855 and claimed by the United States, it was seized by Mexico in 1897. Arbitration eventually awarded the island to France in 1931, which took possession in 1935. :: more [Source: The World Factbook] Wikipedia: (incl. overseas regions) (incl. overseas departments) Urban communities Agglomeration communities Commune communities Syndicates of New Agglomeration Associated communes Municipal arrondissements Overseas collectivities Sui generis collectivity Overseas country Overseas territory Clipperton Island Clipperton Island (French: Île de Clipperton or Île de la Passion) is an uninhabited 9 km2 (3.5 sq mi) coral atoll in the eastern Pacific Ocean, south-west of Mexico, west of more [Source: Wikipedia]

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