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(incl. overseas regions) (incl. overseas departments) Urban communities Agglomeration communities Commune communities Syndicates of New Agglomeration Associated communes Municipal arrondissements Overseas collectivities Sui generis collectivity Overseas country Overseas territory Clipperton Island Clipperton Island (French: Île de Clipperton or Île de la Passion) is an uninhabited 9 km2 (3.5 sq mi) coral atoll in the eastern Pacific Ocean, south-west of Mexico, west of Costa Rica and 2420 km north-west of Galapagos Islands, Ecuador, at 10°18′N 109°13′W / 10.300°N 109.217°W / 10.300; -109.217 (Clipperton Island). It is an overseas possession of France under direct authority of the Minister of Overseas France.[1] It is low-lying and largely barren, save for scattered grasses and a few clumps of coconut palms. A small volcanic outcrop rising to 29 m (95 ft) on its south-east side is referred to as "Clipperton Rock".[2] The atoll has been occupied at various times by guano miners, would-be settlers or military personnel, mostly from Mexico, which claimed it until international arbitration awarded it to France in 1931. It has had no permanent inhabitants since 1945. It is visited on occasion by fishermen, French Navy patrols, scientific researchers, film crews, and shipwreck survivors. It has been a popular site for transmissions by ham radio operators.[3] Cite error: There are <ref> tags on this page, but the references will not show without a {{reflist}} template (see the help page).