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Expertise (alphabetical order)

Anna-Karina HERMKENS
Lecturer, Anthropology at Macquarie University, Australia

Keywords: Art, Mission History, Personhood, Religion, Violence, Gender, Gender Violence, Material Culture, Tapa

Wolfgang KEMPF
Lecturer, Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology at University of Goettingen, Germany

Keywords: Climate Change, Christianity, Diasporas, Biographic Research, Memory, Religion, Performance, Migration, Power and Resistance

Associate Professor, Department of Ethnology at Moscow State University, Russian Federation

Keywords: Miklouho-Maclay, First Contacts, Historical Consciousness, History, Narratives, Myth


Not specified River, including view of buildings on far side, Madang, Papua Ne... [NatLib NZ]

Not specified Group of unidentified people sitting at Mr Tyrell's house, Madan... [NatLib NZ]

Not specified Sepik River Trading Company plane, in front from left - C Brush,... [NatLib NZ]

Not specified From left - Captain W Forgan Smith (1st Officer), L Purkiss (Qan... [NatLib NZ]

Spencer, Terence E. T [between 1953 and 1978] Waterlilies Madang, Papua New Guin... [NLA]


[Canberra?] : 2/1 Aust Army Topo Svy. Coy., 1944 Madang, New Guinea [cartograph... [NLA]

[Melbourne?] : 6 Aust Army Topo Svy. Coy., 1943 Madang, New Guinea [cartographi... [NLA]

[Bendigo, Vic.] : L.H.Q. (Aust.) Cartographic Company, 1942 Madang, New Guinea ... [NLA]

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