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Panel 22: Housing futures in Oceania


Barbara Anne Andersen

Session presentation

This panel will explore the complexities of residence, housing, and real estate in Oceania. Pacific indigenous attachments to place are strong, and struggles over land and its commodification—for mining, forestry, agriculture, and tourism—have been well documented. What happens to place-based identities when land becomes real estate, and when accommodation becomes a commodity? How do aspirations and desires shape decisions about housing and residence? How do individuals and families “make do” in the context of housing shortages, evictions, high rents and economic inequality? How are ideals of home ownership, domestic privacy, and the nuclear family embraced or resisted through residential practices?

In keeping with the theme of this conference, this panel seeks to explore housing as both an increasingly commodified part of Pacific environments and a key site for the production of relationships and identities. Possible topics include:

-ownership vs caretaking of property
-formal and informal rental markets
-homelessness and housing insecurity
-dorms, barracks, and employer-supplied housing
-changing residence patterns
-home building, decoration, and renovation
-settlements, slums, and social housing
-foreign and domestic real estate investment
-housing, health and well-being

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