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Panel 11: Giving up naturalism or towards a social complexity shared with animals


Florence Brunois-Pasina, Anne Di Piazza

Session presentation

The objective of this session is to focus on animals in Oceania, developing the idea that human-animal associations are inscribed within shared interspecific communities. Participants are invited to look beyond the naturalism within which anthropology and ethno-science have treated animals, and engage on the statutes of both humans and animals as actors and actants, as well as on the relations that are the outcomes of a shared intellectual curiosity. A curiosity born of a long history « written » by humans and inspired by co-habitation, affects, communication? And how can these relations be observed linguistically, materially, archaeologically? What kinds of emotional ties mark these multi-specific relationships and what are their effects on local ontologies? While in recent years, ethnologists, ethologists and archaeologists have begun to address these themes in Europe and the Americas, their relative absence in Oceania raises questions. This session invites participants to initiate an anthropology of nature in Oceania. This is especially important now that natural ecosystems are in decline worldwide.

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