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Panel 1: Indigenising and decolonising the teaching of Pacific histories


Harald Werber, Ato'ese Morgan Tuimaleali'ifano

Session presentation

A recent transformation in the teaching of Pacific Island History has seen the underlying pedagogy, content and motivation move towards valorizing indigenous epistemologies and de-centered content in new courses, texts and awards in secondary schools, colleges and university undergraduate and postgraduate programs, in face-to-face, blended, MOOC and online modes. We invite papers that examine the concrete empirical realities of the Pacific and offer opportunities to refine our analytical lenses and vocabularies. The panel invites practitioners to demonstrate how their teaching reflects the latest historiography, utilizes the latest technologies and marries the competing histories now jostling for space on the timetable. A pivotal question addressed by the panel will be how Pacific Island Histories are being taught in both Europe and the Pacific Islands and how courses in schools, colleges and universities take account of changing environments, mobility, relatedness and the new qualities and meanings of contemporary experiences. This panel is a follow-up to the exciting papers and open panel at the PHA Guam conference which brought teaching to the fore. We now invite presenters to take centre stage again and debate/interrogate their craft, academic programs and courses, philosophical and intellectual traditions and contribute to a new interdisciplinary dialogue between research and teaching.

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