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Panel 14: Experiencing Pacific environments through the sustainable commercialization of customary lands


Tagaloatele Peggy Fairbairn Dunlop, Jenny Bryant-Tokalau, IATI IATI

Session presentation

Experiencing Pacific environments inevitably requires an engagement with customary lands and tenure systems. The panel will explore the challenges and opportunities associated with the move to expand the commercial development of customary lands in the Pacific. These are emerging amidst growing Pacific aspirations for wealth creation and commercial opportunities within the context of maintaining the cultural and social valuing that is embedded in customary land systems. In particular, the panel will examine the following: issues & potential options for sustainable economic development of customary lands; the political, legal, economic, and community structures and characteristics, mechanisms, tools and incentives required to enable commercialization to take place; perspectives from a range of sectors on whether customary land tenure can be secured to support financing development and how this might be carried out; lessons of where customary lands have been used as collateral for commercial ventures. The panel is open and invites submissions.

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