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Panel 12: Haunted Pacific


Roger Ivar Lohmann

Session presentation

Oceania is made up of environments that anyone can travel to and see, plus imaginary locales and place-linked qualities, beings, and powers that one must be enculturated to experience as real. Session participants are invited to present original data on such apparently haunted or mythical places, emphasizing how people have experienced them as real. Questions addressed may include the following: What fictive peoples and places have past and present peoples of Oceania known as real? What are the consequences when emic, cognized environments and their populations differ from etic, operational ones? How do people in particular societies learn to experience and believe in supernatural environments? What relationships exist between people and these culturally created and inscribed lands, seas, and skies? How do communities manage their differences as to which places exist and how they are animated or peopled? What causes indigenous and introduced ways of imaginatively enhancing environments to be maintained, change, or fade? Why and how do people create and come to regard them as real? How can scientific and humanistic methods be directed to understanding places and emplaced characteristics and elements that are subjectively projected onto physical environments?

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