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European Society for Oceanists 2015 Conference

Plenary Sessions
Opening Plenary and Keynote lecture by His Highness Tui Atua Tupua Tamasese Ta'isi Efi

Tui Atua Tupua Tamasese Ta'isi Efi
Head of State, Government of Samoa

“Le fuia, le fuia, e tagisia lou vaelau: Starling, starling, we pine for your nimbleness”: Towards a Samoan Indigenous Framing of Responsibility for ‘Climate Change’

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Plenary Session - Keynote speech by dr. Katerina Teaiwa

Katerina Teaiwa
HoD of Gender, Media and Cultural Studies, Australian National University

Our Rising Sea of Islands: Hau‘ofa’s Hope and Mara’s Way in the Age of Climate Change

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Plenary Session - Keynote speech by dr. Emmanuel Kasarherou

Emmanuel Kasarherou
Curator, Musée du Quai Branly

The Sharing of Cultural Heritage between Europe and the Pacific: The Kanak Experience

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Sir Raymond Firth Memorial Lecture by professor Joel Robbins

Joel Robbins
Sigrid Rausing Professor of Social Anthropology, University of Cambridge

Anthropology between Europe and the Pacific: Change, Exchange and the Prospects for a Relationship Beyond Relativism

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Plenary Session - Keynote speech by dr. Joeli Veitayaki

Joeli Veitayaki
School of Marine Studies, University of the South Pacific

Ocean in us: security of life in the world’s largest ocean

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Roundtable Discussion with EU officials about interchanging research and policy

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Closing roundtable discussion about the interface between research and policy and the implications for improving connections between Europe and the Pacific

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Parallel Sessions

Perceptions of Oceania in European textbooks and educational media (Session 1)
Matthias Kowasch, Hermann Mueckler
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Staging the Pacific in performative events (Session 2)
Franca Tamisari, Anke Tonnaer
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Land, resources and state formation (Session 3)
Colin Filer
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Muddled models - revisiting Oceania’s classic texts (Session 4)
Susanne Kuehling
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Making peace with the past (Session 5)
Chris Ballard, Dario Di Rosa
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The clinical way: exploring biomedicine and public health in the Pacific (Session 6)
Barbara Anne Andersen, Jessica Hardin
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Matter(s) of relations: transformation and presence in Pacific life-cycle rituals (Session 7)
Pascale Bonnemère, James Leach, Borut Telban
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‘Foreign flowers’ on local soil? Articulating democracy, human rights and feminisms in the Pacific (Session 8)
Sina Emde
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Pacific spaces - performing identities in diasporic networks (Session 9)
Albert Refiti, A. - [Chris]tina Engels-Schwarzpaul
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The EU in the South Pacific: regional integration and the French OCTs (Session 10)
Denise Fisher, Rudy Bessard, Nathalie Mrgudovic
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Late modernity in the flesh (Session 11)
Geir Henning Presterudstuen, Yasmine Musharbash
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A healthy relationship?: European and Pacific encounters in relation to health transitions and lifestyle-related non-communicable diseases (Session 12)
Roy Smith, Amy K. McLennan
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European engagements, Pacific peoples and the environment: past, present and future challenges (Session 13)
Elodie Fache, Simonne Pauwels, Joeli Veitayaki
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Encounters, identities and objects: missionisation in the Pacific (Session 14)
Karen Jacobs, Fanny Wonu Veys, Marja van Tilburg
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The German anthropological tradition in the Pacific (Session 15)
John Morton, Anna Kenny, Nicolas Peterson
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Relating subsistence agriculture with socio-environmental mutations in Oceania (Session 16)
Maëlle Calandra, Sophie Caillon
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From the ‘Pacific Way’ to a ‘Sea of Islands’: contending visions of Oceania? (Session 17)
Stephanie Lawson
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Remaking institutions: multiplicity, pluralism and hybridity in the Pacific (Session 18)
Melissa Demian, Alice Street
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Urban Melanesia (Session 19)
Lamont Lindstrom, Christine Jourdan
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The Hau of the ethnographic encounter: Pacific Islander expectations and European responses (Session 20)
Dominik Schieder, Dave Robinson
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“Cultural”, “Creative,” “Traditional” and other economies: opportunities and challenges for the Pacific (Session 21)
Miranda Forsyth, Siobhan McDonnell, Katerina Teaiwa
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Island studies: re-presentation in and of the Pacific (Session 23)
Marc Tabani, Thorgeir Kolshus
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Beyond the human in the Pacific (Session 25)
Almut Schneider, Katharina Schneider
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Reclaiming indigenous spaces (Session 26)
Diane Johnson, Sophie Judy Nock
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“Weapons of the weak”: gender, power and women’s agency in the Pacific (Session 27)
Priya Chattier
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Mare nullius? Climate change, society and maritime sovereignty in the Pacific Ocean (Session 30)
Edvard Hviding, Anne Salmond, Paul D'Arcy
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Cross-cultural exchange? Experts, collaboration, and knowledge forms in Pacific ecology (Session 31)
James Leach, Carlos Mondragon
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