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Rowan   Gard

PhD Student
Center for Pacific Studies
University of St Andrews (United Kingdom)

Rowan Gard is an environmental anthropologist at the University of St Andrews, a research affiliate with the University of the South Pacific and a member of the Polynesian Voyaging Society. Her research focuses on cultivating community resiliency, self-determinative governance, and the Pacific renaissance concept of the 'Island of Hope', which critiques the entangled nature of environmental exploitation and economic globalisation in Oceania. Previously, she has held management positions with Bishop Museum and at the University of California, Berkeley.
Environmental sciences
Member of
European Society for Oceanists (ESfO)
Pacific Arts Association (PAA)
Geographic administrative areas
Geographic places
Historical periods
21st century
Lapita and the Austronesian expansion
Ancestral Oceania
  • PhD Research (2014 to 2018)
    Island of Hope - A Pacific Response to Climate Change, Environmental Degradation and Economic Globalisation in Oceania — University of St. Andrews
    My research explores aspects of environmental justice through scrutinising the colliding and colluding intersects of climate change, environmental degradation, human rights and economic globalisation in Oceania.
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